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Loom Knit Blanket

Loom knitting is a simple and satisfying hobby that can have a big impact. Not only can it provide calming moments of creative expression, but it can also be used to make warm blankets and garments for those in need. That’s why many knitters choose to donate their time and talents to charitable organizations like Knots of Love (
This group provides yarn and instructions to people who want to knit items for charity, with a focus on Nicu Baby Blankets.

The following information is from the Knots of Love Website

Having now provided over 60,000 beautiful and hand-knit and crochet NICU blankets to babies, we have learned a lot about what babies and their families need in order to make the difference we seek to make:

When making your NICU blankets, please:

✅ Ensure the blanket is no smaller than 24” x 30”.

✅ Use yarns on our Required Yarn List to knit or crochet a blanket made from any soft, cozy, lightweight yarn.

✅ Remember, these tiny preemie babies that sometimes weigh only 1lb will be wrapped in your blankets.

✅ Do not choose a lacy pattern because little fingers, toes, and tubes can get caught in blankets with holes.

✅ Be sure to follow our guidelines and fill out a submission form when you send your lovingly made creation(s) -- this is very important. :)

✅ Note: We do not accept preemie and/or infant hats anymore because hospitals tell us they are inundated with them.

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  • Once I saw “no loom knitted….” I clicked out. If loom knit hats do not meet their criteria then why do other items? I understand that they are a NICU based charity but when I worked in a NICU we were grateful for every item donated n This excludes loom knitters. Maybe spotlight an all inclusive charity? One that includes loom knitters with no issue. Just a suggestion .

    Barbara on
  • Unless you tell some one the blanket was knitted on a loom, how would they know?

    Lucia J Kelly on
  • It actually says specifically only loomed hats are not being accepted (or any really). Why I have no idea. They didn’t say they aren’t accepting loomed blankets…at least from what I gathered. I believe looming is technically considered hand knitting. Right? I mean using needles vs looms is basically the same just different hand movements and patterns. That’s my opinion anyway but I could be wrong. I’d love to participate but sadly the blankets can’t have pet dander or fur. Not happening in this house with both a cat and dog. Good cause though and I hope others are able to help.

    Ciera on
  • I read the guidelines and it says “only hand knit and crochet”, no loom knit allowed.

    Elizabeth on

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