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Summer Service Project: I was a stranger – Mongolian Youth Hat/ Cowl project

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SUMMER SERVICE OPPORTUNITY! My husband and I served in the United States Peace Corps in Mongolia from 2003-2005.   We lived in a “ger” and for two years we had no running water, a wood burning stove for heat and limited electricity for just a few hours every other night.  We taught English at the local schools and worked with the teachers to improve their teaching.

Winters in Mongolia are very long and cold reaching temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. I wore long underwear from Oct 1-June 1 both years, adding more and more layers the colder it got. Any part of your face (cheeks, ears, nose) that were not covered when you went outside could be frost bit.  Hat, scarves and cowls were essential to staying warm and protecting yourself from the winter hazards.

Sadly, there are many youth and children in Mongolia that are impoverished and even homeless and suffer cruelly from the cold. Our Summer Service Project provides an opportunity for American loomers, especially youth and teens, to provide an essential gift for these wonderful Mongolian youth by making a scarf, cowl, or hat and sending them to us, at CinDWood Crafts and Premium Knitting Looms, to be mailed to my contacts in Mongolia for distribution to needy families.

We will be collecting hats and scarf/cowl sets between May 1, 2016 and Sept 1, 2016.
Mail your contribution to: CinDWood Crafts, Attn: Summer Service, 2305 Ranch Road, Eagle Mountain, UT  84005 United States.
Our goal is to encourage our wonderful looming community to create 150 sets of hats/scarves to send to Mongolia.  This would be a great service project for youth groups at summer camp! Contact us for large quantity pricing.

50 will go to Murun (the town we lived in) 50 to Darkhan (where we trained) and 50 more sets to UlaanBaatar (the capital city of Mongolia) for distribution to needy youth and children.

We have created Summer Service Kits in 3/4″ and 5/8″ gauges
which will come with a loom for making a hat, cowl/scarf and a skein of yarn and some basic knit/purl patterns. The skein will make one 50 yard youth hat and one 50 yard youth cowl or scarf to make patterns that need more yarn you may order an extra skein.

Feel free to use yarn and looms you already have. Anyone is invited to participate. But we thought with summer coming up, this might be a great way to get your teenagers and children involved in loom knitting with a purpose while they are out of school.

*** Remember there are NO WASHING MACHINES, everything must be hand washed, so yarn used should be durable. Also darker colors are preferable to hide dirt and dust.***
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Custom Fine Gauge Loom Requests

Due to the many requests for various looms to be adapted to fine gauge, we are currently not accepting any custom orders for fine gauge looms. We will be releasing more fine gauge looms through out 2016.  We will be using our facebook page and  I Love CinDWood Looms facebook group to poll our customers about what looms would be most popular in these new gauges and in what order we should release them. We will be releasing 1 new fine gauge at a time through out the next year. We will keep customers posted via facebook, newsletter, our blog and website about what is coming.  We will be offering pre-orders on the next available loom. More information will be available in the November Newsletter.


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USPS Shipping Changes

It appears that USPS has closed some of their sorting stations, and some of our orders are arriving slower than usual.  When you receive the email from us that they have shipped. They have gone out that day.  We can not guarantee when USPS will deliver them from that point, but we will continue to try and ship them within 2 business days of when they are ordered. (Custom Order or colored peg items may have an extra day delay)

Thank you,

Cindy Clyde

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Welcome to our New Website

We are so excited to introduce our new website  We now have e:patterns and ebooks available as wells as coupon codes. Watch the newsletter for those each month.  We are introducing new 5/8″ combo’s this month as well as GREEN colored pegs.  You will notice that shipping charges have changed. We have a new plugin we purchased from USPS to calculate exact shipping to your zip code or country. If you live on the East Coast this may be higher than you have paid in the past. For 12 years Cindy has lost money on her large orders shipping to the East Coast. We are a small company and only charge what USPS  is charging us plus a small $2 handling fee (which does not even cover the box and supplies used to ship) We hope that our quality and customer service will help our East Coast Customers continue to purchase from us.  We are so excited for the new site and the great options available. Please contact us with any  questions or concerns at [email protected]

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Wish you were “Craftier“? Need a great service project for school or church?
Wish you could crochet or knit straight and have a cool, perfect project every time?

A KNITTING LOOM by CinDWood Crafts is just the thing! Our looms are made of strong MDF board for strength and smoothness (no slivers), and Nylon pegs so no snags on your yarn. Make hats, scarves, slippers, mittens and so much more. Look inside our page and see some of our creations. It’s as simple as WRAP yarn, KNIT with a pick, Take off loom, and CINCH it closed. Anyone from 5-95 can do this. CinDWood Crafts offers one of the largest assortments of sizes and offers discounts for groups who purchase for making projects for humanitarian donation. Browse around and enjoy your visit here.

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Thank you customers!!

We are finally caught up and not backordered on any items. Thank you for your patience as we waited for our Adult Large Hats and combos to come in.  We had 85 orders come in during the last 8 days.  It has been a bit of a whirl wind. But we are so happy that you as customers like our product and are telling your friends about CinDWood Crafts.  Thank you to those who are participating in the Loom A-long. We are so happy that our looms are being used for such a worth while project.  We plan on having an amazing 2015 and most of it will be thanks to our loyal customers!!

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Backordered Items

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Our Sale for December was SOOO successful that we sold out of a few of our items and they will be backordered until at least January 9, 2015. Our loom cutting shop is closed until January 5, 2015 so we can not get more cut until after that and it takes a few days for them to catch up on orders after their 2 week break.  If you order backordered items we will send them as soon as possible. Because we are low on quite a few of our looms right now, it is possible that something you order will become backordered during the order process. If this occurs we will email you with options for either other looms that are similar, or the option of waiting for the backordered item. Thank you for your understanding.

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Christmas Break

Happy Holidays!!  CinDWood Crafts will be closed for the Holidays from December 23-December 28. 2014 to spend time with family. Any orders made during that time will ship out on Monday, December 29, 2014.  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

Cindy Clyde

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48 Universal .58
Beginning Friday Nov. 28, 2014 at 12:00 A.M. – Monday Dec 1, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.
60″ and 48″ UNIVERSAL S LOOMS will be on sale!
Save $10.00 on both 1/2″ and 5/8″ gauge
(Universal Looms comes with a universal wedge, pick, and knitting aid)
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Customer Review OF 48″ Universal 5/8″ gauge by Renee Van Hoy



Perfect Pegs, Perfect Gauge, Perfect Loom

It’s no secret, I adore CinDwood looms. I’ve been designing patterns using Cindy’s ½ inch gauge looms for five years, and they are my favorites. But, before I fell in love with the ½ inch CinDwood, I designed on the Purple Knifty Knitter Hat loom. Why? It wasn’t the usual ¾ inch gauge loom. It was a 5/8 inch, and that small change in gauge made all the difference. When Provo discontinued the loom, I, along with many other loom knitters, were very sad.             When CinDwood began making their hat looms in 5/8 inch gauge by special order, I ordered a set immediately. The wonderful design and pegs of a CinDwood loom and my beloved 5/8 inch gauge. What more could a loom knitter want?             Well, I can answer that question. The perfect loom. A CinDwood 48 inch Universal S Loom – in a 5/8 inch gauge. Loom knitter heaven.             Why? Well, let me count the ways. 1. Pegs. 254 of them if you are working on a single rake (single sided) project, and 82 pairs for a double rake (double sided) project. 2. Adjustability. The “slider peg” lets you adjust the size of the loom to any size you would like, so you have every size loom possible. You may even work on several projects at the same time on one loom. 3. Color. This amazing loom comes with the pegs in two colors, marking which pegs pairs are used when loom knitting a double rake item. Easy and clever! 4. Gauge. I adore the 5/8 inch gauge, but for this loom it is particularly nice. If you have any trouble with your hands and find working in the S shape a little tricky, the 5/8 inch gauge provides just a little more room, and makes working a large single rake item much easier than smaller gauges. 5. Pegs. CinDwood’s wonderful peg, with their smooth surface and wonderful tops let your yarn slide smoothly over the pegs without the loops falling off the top. 6. Yarn, yarn, yarn. On a 5/8 inch gauge you may use anything from a super bulky weight to a fingering weight yarn. The possibilities are endless. (I’ve even worked with lace weight.) 7. Size. The loom is compact and lightweight. The length is about 18 inches, and the width about 10 inches. It fits easily in your lap. If you have been trying out the Edmunds Stitch Master Stand, it also fits nicely on the stand. 8. Sturdy. The base and pegs on this loom are sturdy and will not bow or bend when you load it up with a heavy afghan. It is not going to break or pull out of shape with a heavy fabric on it.             There you have it. When we loom knitters talk about our perfect loom, we want adjustability, lots of pegs, sturdiness, a small size and a gauge that works with many yarns. I think the 48 inch 5/8 gauge Universal S loom fits that description.   Renee Van Hoy48 Universal .58