3/8" 196 pegs 36" Oval/Panel Afghan Small Gauge Knitting Loom

  • $100.00

This Afghan loom can be used with single panel wraps for a 72 inch project, or the figure 8 wrap for a 36 inch panel, both on the same loom. It also comes with a movable wedge making it possible to create any smaller circle for hats, booties, or other projects.

Ideal for 2 strands of #3 or 1 strand of worsted weight #4 yarn.

IMPORTANT ***This loom must be ordered and shipped separately. There is only one box that it fits in and other looms can not be sent in the same box.

Loom Details:  Gauge 3/8" spacing, 196 pegs, Dimensions; 38x3

*Oval Panel Afghan looms come with a, knitting aid, oval/panel wedge, and basic instructions