Custom Order 5/8" 52 peg Clampable Universal Hat/Scarf One Handed Knitting Loom

  • $45.00

This specially designed loom with a long end makes it possible to use a c-clamp to attach the loom to a chair arm, table, or even a wheelchair arm. By clamping the loom you are able to knit on it one handed. It was specially made for a customer who had experienced a stroke and she was able to resume loom knitting. We are hoping that people with severe arthritis or limited arm mobility may find this loom a helpful tool for them.(Comes with a 3 inch C-Clamp to fit most tables or chairs, knitting aid and wedge) ergonomic picks available on amazon and etsy. Loom Details: 5/8" gauge - 52 pegs - 11 1/2" dimentions How to use clampable loom video here Also available with tan pegs here