3/8" 56 peg Universal Sock Knitting Loom

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This universal sock loom will work for even the largest foot! Without the wedge there are 56 pegs and it can also be used to make a scarf or newborn hat. When using the wedge you can us it for adult socks with 48, 46, 44, 42 or 40 pegs depending on your preferred measurement. Or for youth and children's size socks adjust the wedge to even smaller sizes.

Ideal for 2 strands of #3 or 1 strand of worsted weight #4 yarn.

Use this sock formula to help you create the right size with the correct number of pegs.

Loom Details: Gauge 3/8" spacing, 56 pegs,

Dimensions: Groove 8.5" , 10.5L X 2WX2H 

*comes with one wedge and a knitting aid oval/ panel loom