eBook: Winter Washcloths 2 : Ice Skate, Winter Hat, Mitten and Poinsettia

  • $6.00

Available as a downloadable PDF Four winter themed washcloth patterns written by Renee VanHoy for three loom gauges: 1/4 inch fine, 3/8 inch fine, and 3/8 inch small. The patterns use 33 or 34 pegs flat knit. All gauges use worsted weight cotton yarn. Ideal for 1/4" 60 peg adult fine gauge sock loom or 3/8" 40 peg adult, small gauge sock loom In addition to step by step, row by row directions, a color-coded chart is also included with a customized loom knitter’s key. The patterns are written in 24 point large print text and are screen reader, tablet and e-reader friendly.