5/8" 100 pegs 20" Large Round Afghan Knitting Loom

  • $79,320.00
  • Save $-79,232

This afghan loom is done with the e-wrap like the hats. It makes panel approximately 50 inches wide when it comes off the loom.  It also makes a size for a sleep sack when completed in the round. 

Loom details: 5/8" gauge, 100 pegs Diameter: 20"

Ideal for 1 strand of bulky #5 or #6 yarn and 2 strands of worsted weight #4 yarn.

NOTE*** This loom must be shipped in a 22 x 22 x 3 box.  If other looms ordered fit inside the circle of this loom, they can still fit in this custom box.  If extra looms have to be stacked then a taller box must be used and the dimensions put it into the over-sized category to the East half of the USA, and postage increases $15 on top of regular rate.