1/2" Regular Gauge ePatterns

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    ePattern: Moon Goddess Shawl

    download (6)download (6)download (5)17629832_10154891393635813_1603395255064281357_n17757589_10154891393835813_3651212049235941890_n (1)540048_10154891415075813_7986164749670219311_n
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  • Cindwood .5 120 peg in k2, p2

    ePattern: Cake and Ice Cream Pattern Cowl

    Cindwood .5 120 peg in k2, p2Cindwood .38 fine 80 pegsCindwood 120 peg loom k2, p2Cindywood 90 peg .5 inch loom with K3, P2
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  • chunky knit cowl image1

    ePattern: Chunky Knit Cowl

    chunky knit cowl image1chunkyknit cowl image 2chunky knit cowl image1
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  • booboobunnyimage2

    ePattern: BooBoo Bunny

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  • DSCF2810

    ePattern: Loving Bonnet

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  • shells purls washcloth image 2

    ePattern: Shells & Purls Wash Cloth

    shells purls washcloth image 2shells purls wash cloth image 1shells purls washcloth image 2shells purls washcloth image 3
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  • Simply Ribbed Hat

    ePattern: Simply Ribbed Hat

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  • Subtle Ridge Messi Bun Beanie

    ePattern: Subtle Ridge Messy Bun Beanie

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  • dscf2104

    ePattern: Chunky Ribbed Booties

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  • 15232148_10154505466460813_13113667029485213_n

    ePattern: Autumn Rainbow Shawl

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  • adult%20size%20hat%20right%20side%20

    ePattern: Reversible Harvest Hat & Neckwarmer

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  • chistmas-cowl-loom-bundle

    Limited Edition Christmas Loom + ePattern Bundle

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  • christmas-cowl

    ePattern: Cabled Christmas Cowl/Child Shoulder Wrap

    christmas-cowlCabled Christmas Childs Wrapsilver-christmas-cabled-cowl
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  • img_1267

    ePattern Book: Small Shawls and Tea Parties

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  • dscf1744

    ePattern: Bonnie Blue Bonnet

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  • team-spirit-cowl-1

    ePattern: Team Spirit Cowl

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  • team-spirit-3

    ePattern: Team Spirit Ear Warmers

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  • jojos-throw-3

    ePattern: JoJo’s Throw

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  • rainbow-adult-hat-pic-1e1474907872577-300x300

    ePattern: Rainbow Adult Hat

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  • autum-swirl-set

    ePattern: Autumn Swirl Hat and Neckwarmer Set

    5 out of 5
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  • Sweater Shawl 2

    ePattern: Sweater Shawl

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  • lace chevron beanie pic 1

    ePattern: Lace Chevron Beanie

    lace chevron beanie pic 1lace chevron beanie pic 1
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  • Ripples Ribs Freestyle pic

    ePattern: Ripples & Ribs Freestyle Hat

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  • HugsSnugglesCocoon pic 1

    ePattern: Hugs Snuggle Cocoon

    HugsSnugglesCocoon pic 1HugsSnugglesCocoon pic 1Hugs Snuggles Cocoon pic 2
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  • bars and billows beanie pic 1

    ePattern: Bars & Billows Beanie

    bars and billows beanie pic 1Bars&Billows pic 3bars and billows beanie pic 2bars and billows beanie pic 1
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  • Tiny Kitty pic 1

    ePattern: Tiny Kitty Cats

    Tiny Kitty pic 1Tiny Kitty pic 1
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  • Sweet Lullaby Infant Cocoon and Hat pic 4

    ePattern: Sweet Lullaby Infant Cocoon and Hat

    Sweet Lullaby Infant Cocoon and Hat pic 4Sweet Lullaby Infant Cocoon and Hat pic 1Sweet Lullaby Infant Cocoon and Hat pic 2Sweet Lullaby Infant Cocoon and Hat pic 3Sweet Lullaby Infant Cocoon and Hat pic 4
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  • snake scarf photos

    ePattern: Snake Scarf

    snake scarf photossnake scarf photos
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  • fingerless gloves

    ePattern: Chunky Cabled Fingerless Gloves

    fingerless gloves13240678_10153967598740813_7349096669114749510_n13241146_10153967598520813_6436429153635657578_n13254215_10153967598835813_6350976310361064403_n
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  • slip flops 1

    ePattern: Slip Flops

    slip flops 1Slip flop 4slip flops 2Slip flops 3
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