1/2" 132 peg Placemat Weaving/Afghan Knitting Loom (with Cotton Loop Kit)

  • $85.00


This loom is 19" x 15" x 3"  and creates approximately a 17"x 12" place-mat.  It has 132 to pegs all the way around and can be used both as a weaving loom using 36 pegs on the long sides and 28 pegs on the short. (Do not use the black pegs when weaving)  It can also be used to create afghans and other looming projects by using the black pegs. 

This option comes with enough 7" cotton loops by Harrisville Designs to create 1 place-mat (purchase loom only version here)

You can also use any kind of yarn or even cut up t-shirts or sewn fabric to weave place-mats.

Comes with a weaving tool & 7" loop kit for 1 place-mat. 

Watch youtube video here