1/2" 76 peg 10" Square: Dual Purpose Weaving/ Knitting Loom (WITH LOOPS)

  • $39.00

This beautiful 10" weaving loom has been redesigned to now be used for both weaving and loom knitting!

It can create beautiful hot pads/pot holders as well as loom knitted projects with up to 76 pegs. Possible projects include: cowls, scarfs, baby cocoons, hand towels and more. This loom comes with a weaving hook, 72 100% cotton loops for completing 2 hot pads, and a loom knitting pick to knit things in the round or flat. 

There are 18 pegs on each side for weaving. 

Works with the 10" Pro Loops by Harrisville Designs or you can use a yarn of your choice

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