1/2" 56 peg Small Dual Purpose Hot Pad Weaving/ Knitting Loom 7" (with Loops)

  • $34.00

This loom has now been adapted to work as both a weaving loom for hot pads/ pot holders with 14 pegs on each side as well as a knitting loom that can create projects up to 56 pegs including, Youth Hats, Scarfs, towels, 10 stitch blankets, and more. 

This fun child friendly weaving loom comes with a weaving hook, 56 -100% Cotton Bands (for 2 completed hot pads 5.5" square) Small Hot Pad refill Loops available for $5 per bag (makes 2 hotpads) and a pick for knitting in the round

You can purchase this loom without loops here