Ebook: Squishy Fingerless Gloves, Ear Warmer, Scarves, Boot Cuffs & Cup Cozy

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Available as a downloadable PDF

This mini ebook by JaNae Yagi is perfect for a beginner wanting to make a whole set of matching items for themselves or a loved one. Includes directions for gloves, boot toppers, scarf, and ear warmer. All items were made using our 1/2" 64 peg - universal hat and scarf loom and the wedge to create the different items. Separate looms could also be used.

Novice/ Easy (Beginner plus+)

Skills Required: U Knit, Purl, Slip Stitch, Cast On, Bind Off

Loom: 1/2" Gauge (Universal 64 peg with Wedge), or any 1/2” gauge round/oval loom with at least 26 pegs

Special Notes The Squishy suite of patterns includes fingerless gloves, 3 scarf options, boot cuffs, ear warmer, and a cup cozy using an easy combination of knit and purl stitches. Whether you’re a loom knitting novice or an expert, you’ll quickly create these incredibly versatile, coordinating accessories for women, men and children! *LOOM NOTE: The gloves shown in the samples and used in the pattern testing were made on 28 pegs, however 24 - 30 peg 1/2" or 7/16” gauge looms may be used. The nature of this stitch combination is very stretchy with a nice “snap back” which will allow for quite a bit of leeway in stitch count. People with larger hands may have difficulty wearing gloves made on fewer than 28 pegs.

**SIZES NOTE: Gloves and ear warmer may fit most people approximately 8+ years old.