About Us

 CinDWood Crafts has been officially in business since 2001.  It is a small home business  located in Eagle Mountain, Utah. My entry into the knitting loom business began when I saw my first loom made by someone in Arizona. I thought it would be a great 4-H project for my girls. They could make a loom and then make a hat on it and enter two projects in the fair. We did it and two of my girls won blue ribbons and went to the state fair. There was a lot of interest in the looms so I decided to see if I could make my own version of the loom and see if it might sell.

All the wooden looms I had seen were of plywood, but I hate splinters and sanding and varnishing. We found a better type of material that would be smooth and solid and comfortable to hold, it is called MDF board. The old wooden pegs were also a problem. They would snag the yarn, and snap in half sometimes if dropped. We decided to invest in a special mold that would make our grooved pegs out of strong nylon based material. We started using our new and improved pegs and Wow!

No more snags or breaks, or routing grooves! 5/8 20 Tan

There have been days when I wonder why I am trying to sell these looms, but then I get a phone call or a letter from someone telling me how they were feeling hopeless, and homebound, but since finding and using my looms, they now make items for the Humanitarian Aid program, or local shelters, and they feel useful again. The use of these looms to make items for family and charity is what continues to drive us to expand and get more people involved in using them. My family and friends assemble every loom. They are made in the USA with love!! We hope that others will find joy and purpose in their use of them.

We generally ship out orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 8-1 p.m. Feel free to call or e-mail us with questions. We are happy to help!!

Thanks for checking us out.

Cindy Clyde -Owner of CinDWood Crafts