Cindy Clyde is the creator and owner of Cindwood Crafts. She strives and succeeds at being both an amazing boss and customer service guru. She has designed all of her looms to be strong, efficient, and easy to use. She is dedicated to having a “Made in the USA” product that can be used to help people in many ways. Cindy is also a Registered Nurse and is known for her willingness to serve those in need. 


Kristy is the Marketing Director of Cindwood Crafts and Cindy’s baby sister. She loves making You Tube Videos and answering questions via Facebook, email, and phone for all of our loyal customers. She is the creative energy behind our expanding company. Kristy has three wonderful children whom she loves to spend time with. When not building looms and creating videos, she is teaching voice lessons and musical theater to youth in her community. 



Sarah is our CNC Machine/Computer Design Expert. She takes all of our loom designs from paper and puts them into the computer so they can become a reality, including all custom loom orders. If you can draw it (and it fits on our machine) she can make it happen. She has also designed all of our adorable toddler rocking chairs. Sarah is Cindy's oldest daughter and works full-time as a 5th grade teacher.  We are so grateful that she is willing to use her skills with the CNC machine and designing program to create our products. 


Jessica is our Social Media Specialist/Photographer

as well as our amazing niece. Jessica has an eye for beauty and makes our looms look beautiful on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and our website. She is the eye behind the camera for most of Kristy's videos and we are so grateful that she uses her talent to make our product shine. She also helps build our looms. Jessica is the mother of two amazing boys. She loves hiking, photography, and travel.


Nikki Zimmerman is our amazing Office Manager, she has worked with us for six years and has built thousands of looms during her time at Cindwood. She is now in charge of keeping our accounting accurate and orders shipping out smoothly. Nikki is the mother of four amazing kids. She enjoys running half marathons, and is the biggest fan at all of her kids sports events. 


Kristine is our copy editor. She creates newsletters and web pages, uploads patterns from our designers and makes sure our grammar is the best it can be! Kristine lives with her husband and five children in Eagle Mountain and loves working part-time for a local, women-led company while being able to give full-time attention to her amazing kids! 

Marie Grover

Marie is our office assistant and helps make sure every order has the correct papers, picks, and other important information. She helps with shipping orders and keeps the office full of light heartedness with her contagious laugh. Marie is Cindy's youngest daughter and has the cutest one year old daughter (our resident youngest loom assembler) that comes to work with her. 


Emily is our production manager. She has worked with us for three years and we are so grateful. She fills looms everyday and helps with shipping each week. Emily helps keep us organized as we pull looms for orders and get them filled and shipped all over the world. We are grateful for her organization skills and the many hours she spends filling looms while being a busy mother of three. Emily loves spending time at the gym and with her family. 


Is our resident graphic designer, loom assembler and shipping assistant. Abby has designed all the items in our swag store as well as our logo. Abby has five children and enjoys being able to build looms in the evening when she is home with her kids. She is a very talented nail artist and runs a graphic design Etsy shop called Stuck Up Decals. She is creative and fun person to have around! We are grateful to have her as part of our team.  


Hunter helps with manufacturing our looms by routering, vacuuming, and sanding each loom until it is smooth and ready to be filled with pegs. He is an incredibly smart and responsible 18 year old. He comes from a large family and loves spending time with his siblings. He is an extremely hard worker and we are so grateful he doesn't mind getting dusty and dirty for us at CinDWood. 


Warren is our greatest support and ally in business. He also likes to tell people he is the janitor of Cindwood. He is Cindy's amazing spouse and spends many evenings filling looms, routering looms, changing boards, and cutting wedges to help us stay on top of orders. Multiple times a month he runs errands for us picking up boxes, bubble wrap and pegs so that we can keep building, boxing and shipping looms. Besides all of this, he works full-time as a Geo-Technical Engineer and is an amazing husband, father and grandfather. We sincerely thank him for supporting the vision of Cindwood all of these years.   

HOW IT all Began

Meet Cindy and find out how Cindwood Crafts began