CinDWood Staff



Cindy Clyde is the creator and owner of CinDWood Crafts. She strives and succeeds at being both an amazing boss and customer service guru. She has designed all of her looms to be strong, efficient, and easy to use. She is dedicated to having a “Made in the USA” product that can be used to help people in many ways.


Kristy Hunter is the Marketing Director/ Office Manager of CinDWood Looms and Cindy’s baby sister. She loves making You Tube Videos and answering questions via facebook, email, and phone of all our loyal customers. Kristy has 3 wonderful children that she is grateful her boss lets come to work with her when needed.


Wendy Williams is Our Shipping Director and “Boxinator”, she knows exactly which box is the best for any assortment of looms that are ordered and she makes sure they all are packed well to travel to our wonderful customers. Mother of 7 and Child whisperer to many. We love having her on our team.


Nikki Zimmerman, Our Production Manager helps keep us organized from production of cutting the looms, to getting them labeled, filled and sold and shipped. We are grateful for her organization skills and the many hours she spends filling looms while being a busy mother of 4.

How We Got Started