Meet all of Our Amazing Designers

We are so grateful for the amazing team of designers that are writing patterns using our looms. All of these designers are independent contractors and own their patterns exclusively. They are allowed to sell their patterns on our website as well as any other platform they choose. Each designer is expected to test their patterns and make sure that they are their own original work.  Most designers are willing to answer questions about their patterns if you contact them. They are members of our I Love CinDWood Looms Facebook Group and can be contacted there. 

Copyright Policies: If there are any questions or concerns in this area, you may follow this link to see the guidelines that we follow to discern any copyright infringement.   


Joanna Brandt Wooline
Joanna loves making loom knit patterns for both the beginner and advanced loomer. She also loves teaching others to loom knit through her YouTube channel and local classes. She lives in beautiful Wisconsin with her son, stepdaughter, husband, 2 dogs and a cat.

Denise Canela
Denise has been helping teach people to loom knit for years with her very popular website and YouTube channel She is passionate about teaching others to make wonderful projects.

Amanda Pratt
Amanda started loom knitting in 2006 and began her loom knitting YouTube Channel, Hypnotic Hysteria in 2011. Her diverse looming patterns are featured in YarnBox. She is dedicated to showcasing the variety and uniqueness of loom knitting

Scarlett Royal
Scarlett creates intricate patterns using all of our looms. She has written many ebook collections including “Any Hat, Any Loom, Anywhere” and “50 Loom Knit Stuffed Animals.” Her beautiful children’s patterns are breathtaking and very popular. Most of her patterns are available with video tutorial links.

Malissa Bise
Malissa loves designing new loom knitting patterns. Her favorite looms are the 1/2″ gauge looms and the 5/8″ gauge 48 peg loom. Malissa makes gorgeous hats and scarves as well as delightful character hats for children.

Robbin Runtas
Robbin loves to loom knit and create patterns. She makes hats and neckwarmers and donates them to the homeless in her community. Her patterns are intricate looking but use only a few stitches in different combinations making them fantastic for beginning loomers.

Angela Steffen
Angela loves looming and collecting looms. She was the first to implement our double peg wrapping technique that can turn any of our looms into a “zippy style” loom. She is very creative and loves to put that creativity into her patterns. Check out her many beautiful cowl and scarf patterns!

Renee Van Hoy
Renee writes clear, step-by-step patterns that let knitters create complex looking designs from simple patterns. She is the author of The Loom Knitter’s Stitch Dictionary Vol. 1 & 2. She also has created many ebook collections of shawls, gloves and other beautiful projects.


Shawn Barrick
Shawn has two passions; figure skating and loom knitting. She says that the beauty of loom knitting is that she can give back to the community on her own time and from any location. Hats and prayer shawls are her main donated items but she also enjoys teaching monthly loom knitting sessions at church.

Kathy Norris
Kathy is famous for her loom knitting books published through Leisure Arts. Kathy has worked with Cindy for many years to help answer customers questions and creating patterns that work on a variety of looms.

Tom Swindler
Tom, aka the sockinator, is our resident sock expert! He started a great facebook group sock-a-la-loom where anyone can go to get help with making their socks and slippers. Tom loves to loom with his wife Etta and is excited to offer some of his sock patterns for all of you to use.

JaNae Yagi

JaNae makes beautiful designs and specializes in 3/8″ gauge projects. Especially gloves and hats. JaNae lives in Eagle Mountain very close to CinDWood Looms and loves to create a variety of items and patterns

  Loom Knit Designer Laurie Schue vv

Judy Solyntjes

Judy Solyntjes is a professional dressage horse trainer who got into loom knitting a few years ago. She loves horses, art, and dogs, especially standard poodles. As a MN native she loves snow and collecting hats. This lead to my interest in knitting hats and cowls.

Laurie Schue

I started loom knitting in 2016.  I love to knit blankets and especially like creating my own patterns.  My absolute favorite loom is the 3/4” 80 Peg large Round Afghan loom. 

Leah Sommons

I am 25 years old and have a BA in Conservation and Wildlife. My passion has always been wildlife and animals and I would love to find a job where I can educate people about how amazing our world is!
My love of animals created Creation Wild where I knit animals from all over the world. I hope my animals give people the same joy they give me and that they will be enjoyed for years to come.
Some other hobbies of mine are illustrating fantastic beasts and hanging out with friends, besides cuddling with my kitty Hiro.
Farah & Maham Kamal

 Farah and Maham the Knitting mom and daughter are bringing their yarnful creations for you to enjoy. Both of us are alumni of University of British Columbia-Vancouver, Canada and work for education and development. We love to knit, cook, read, travel and blog. Follow our knit gallery @kamalkknits

Designer Deborah Shaw   Christie Pruitt Loom Knitting Pattern Designer

Deborah Shaw

Deborah has always been into crafting things. She has done embroidery, macramé, jewelry making, painting, needle knitting and then loom knitting. She makes her own shampoos, conditioners, cleaners, creams, and more. Once she started loom knitting, she saw you could do what was done on needles using knits and purls. Deborah thought if mock crochet doesn’t curl and it has not used purls, then how does that happen? Then she realized you can keep work from curling by balancing the stitches not with opposite stitches but by the balancing the tension by using opposite directions. Then you could create many more stitches some of which would be hard to ever do on needles. That’s when she started creating her own stitches and patterns.

Christie Pruitt

Christie is a self-taught needle knitter.  After 20 years of creating many beautiful needle knitted items she had to give up that fiber art because of a repetitive stress injury. She loved knitting so much, and was so happy when she realized she could create beautiful items on looms. She now enjoys transferring knitted patterns to the loom and creating original loom knit patterns. Cables have always been a passion of Christie's, so she tries to incorporate them into her patterns as often as she can.