1/2" 60 pegs 15" Narrow Scarf Knitting Loom

  • $30.00

This 15" Narrow Scarf loom gives you the flexibility to use a double panel figure 8 wrap or single panel e-wrap to create items up to 15" wide. The rows of pegs on these looms are 1" apart creating a tighter figure 8 weave, compared to the normal panel looms which are 1-1/2" apart. The groove is only a 1/4″ wide, so it is too narrow to use our oval/panel wedge.

Loom Details: 1/2" gauge, 60 pegs Dimensions: 16.5L x 2.5Wx 2.5H


Ideal with 1 or 2 strands of #4 worsted wt yarn