3/16" 64 peg XFine Adult Medium Sock Knitting Loom

  • $30.00
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This 3/16" gauge loom is perfect for making Adult Women's socks ( approximately 8.5 - 9.0 circumference) using #1 xfine yarn. Make sure to follow the Making Socks that fit video to measure which loom you need accurately.

Ideal for #1 sock yarn.

Loom Details: Gauge 3/16" spacing, 64 pegs, Diameter: 4 3/4"


Customer Reviews

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virginia Farnham
Is there other looms?

Really? I'm a loom snob. I've tried others and even though I pay a tiny bit more up front..I've found the quality superior, but the price to be substantially low in comparison to the quality of workmanship. As the wife of a leathersmith, I'm all to familiar with the hands on time each item can take, the quality control that is a MUST and how there are just some folks that no matter what, just are not going to be happy. Overall, I don't think it's worth going ANYWHERE else for looms. But, as a maker, again, this is only my opinion. You must discern if this is the right advice and loom for you.

Rosa Barraza
Wonderful Product

I’m a new cindwoodloom user and thus far have enjoyed using these looms. I have also bought patterns to use with the sock loom and I am almost finished with one sock. I can’t wait to buy more looms from here!

Natasha Parsons
I love my loom!!

Omg!! These looms are fantastic. They’re smooth, easy to use and just great quality. I bought one of those big-brand plastic rectangular sock looms and these are not even in the same ballpark, or universe for that matter. I now own three of the sock looms and am eyeing the s-shaped blanket loom! I’m beyond happy with my purchase!! :)

Catherine Woloszyn
Awesome product

Would buy another loom from them in a minute. Awesome workmanship and quality. Fantastic for my needs. Can’t go wrong with their products.