3/4" gauge 24" Oval/Panel Afghan Knitting Loom

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This Afghan loom  has 68 pegs and can be used with the e-wrap for a 50 inch panel, or the figure 8 wrap for a 24 inch panel, both on the same loom. It also comes with a movable wedge making it possible to create any smaller circle for hats, booties, or other projects. Gauge is ideal for one strand of chunky #6 or #7 or 2 strands of #4.

Loom Details: 3/4 in. spacing-about 24" of double panel knitting space, or about 48" of flat panel knitting space.

Double panel stitches stretch wider when taken off the loom, single panel stitches contract smaller when taken off the loom.

Ideal for bulky #5 or #6 yarn