3/8" 196 pegs 36" Oval/Panel Afghan Small Gauge Knitting Loom

  • $100.00
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This Afghan loom can be used with single panel wraps for a 72 inch project, or the figure 8 wrap for a 36 inch panel, both on the same loom. It also comes with a movable wedge making it possible to create any smaller circle for hats, booties, or other projects.

Ideal for 2 strands of #3 or 1 strand of worsted weight #4 yarn.

IMPORTANT ***This loom must be ordered and shipped separately. There is only one box that it fits in and other looms can not be sent in the same box.

Loom Details:  Gauge 3/8" spacing, 196 pegs, Dimensions; 38x3

*Oval Panel Afghan looms come with a, knitting aid, oval/panel wedge, and basic instructions 

Customer Reviews

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To have a tighter stitch is the best


Board and pegs are oddly flimsy. Trying to double knit with Caron Simply Soft and loose wrap still ends up pulling pegs and sides of board inward. Pegs are also rubbery and grip the yarn causing yarn to fray/ untwist. I have 4 older Authentic Knitting Board looms made of wood and metal pegs without grooves that I double knit on. I thought the CINDWOOD board with grooved pegs would potentially be easier to single knit on. I also liked the many choices CINDWOOD offers. For the relatively high price, I was hopeful. Definitely disappointed and will be attempting to return asap.

Gisele H.
Great Quality

CinDWood looms are the best. I love that I can double knit a lap blanket using the long looms. They are of great quality and quite sturdy.

Jennifer Dougherty

I love all things Cindwood 🥰 I purchased the 3/8 36” 196 pegs. I fear that the pegs will break. I don’t want that to happen, obviously. Thanks for the glue, just in case 😉 It has taken me a minute to get used to it, but I love it and making an afghan on it now. I would love to get more ideas on what to make with it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated ☺️

The ultimate loom.

Have you ever wanted to make a whole sweater in one piece? Now you can.