3/8" 248 peg 48" (Full Size) Universal S Knitting Loom

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Our universal loom can be used as a single or double rake afghan. Included is a movable wedge with a peg that is used in the inside groove of the loom so you can also knit round tubes in any size.

Ideal for 2 strands of #3 or 1 strand of worsted weight #4 yarn.

Loom Details: 48" loom, Gauge 3/8" spacing, 248 peg, Dimensions; 18" x 11"

**There are no premarked colored pegs in the 3/8" Universal S Loom for figure 8 or other double rake stitches. Which pegs need to be skipped for double rake stitches will need to figured out and marked by loomer for desired pattern. * Universal Looms come with a knitting aid and S-loom Wedge