5/8" 112 pegs XL 22" Round Afghan Knitting Loom

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This afghan loom is done with the knit/purl stitch patterns like hats. It has a 72" circumference.  Size of finished product will be less than that and vary based on yarn and stitch used.  Averages around 45-50 inches wide.

Loom details: 5/8" gauge, 112 pegs Diameter: 22" Ideal for 1 strand of bulky #5 or #6 yarn and 2 strands of worsted wt #4 yarn.

Loom details: 5/8" gauge, 112 pegs Diameter: 22"

Ideal for 1 strand of bulky #5 or #6 yarn and 2 strands of worsted wt #4 yarn.


Customer Reviews

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Debbi Keese

I have to admit I was initially a bit intimidated by the size. However, once I started knitting everything flowed. 👍🏻

Jeanna Perry
Surprisingly quite easy to use - Its a wonder

Bought this XL 112 peg round & it works great. First had the S loom; but, it was too awkward & started hurting the side of my pinky fingers & could not get into the groove of going fast. With this XL loom I can go pretty quick & won't have to sew panels together (from my understanding). This will be my first big project.

112 round loom

Easier to use then a straight one. Like it. too bad won’t fit in backpack while hiking 🤣🤣🤣

XL loom

I love these looms. I just started a blanket last night! This loom is very big *( a bit awkward so I'll need to find my groove) so I can't take it in the car. But it will knit up a blanket / throw quickly with NO seams of any kind!!! This company seems to have exceptional customer service and the cost of the loom is so worth it. Buy it ... you'll love it. Quality is exceptional compares to the plastic looms!

Ruqaiyah Muhammad
Absolutely Wonderful

The 112 peg loom I purchased was well made and I am enjoying it very much.
Thank you!