5/8" 144 pegs 48" (Full Size) Universal S Knitting Loom

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Our Universal S Loom can be used as a single or double rake afghan. Included is a movable wedge with a peg that is used in the inside groove of the loom so you can also knit round tubes in any size. Colored pegs aren't wrapped if using the figure 8 wrap on the double panel. 5/8 inch gauge has more space between each peg for easier wrapping. Universal Looms come with a knitting aid, and S-loom Wedge. 

**This gauge is ideal for one strand chunky 5 & 6 weight yarns, or 2 strands worsted weight yarn. stock. 

Loom Details: Gauge 5/8 in. spacing -148 peg, Dimensions:18"x 11" x 2"

Can make any project up to a full size afghan


Customer Reviews

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Love how the pegs are colored for the ones that don't get wrapped on a figured 8 stitch.

Sara Joyce
Love It!

This was my second CinDWood 5/8 loom and I love it better than my first. I strictly knit with chunky #6 yarn, so my looms from another brand would end up with stitches way too close or if i skip ever other peg too far apart. After using the CinDWood one, it worked perfectly! Stitches line up how they should, with plenty of room. I will say the gap in middle of loom does take alittle getting use to, it will seem too tight when you first start but I promise its not. Once you get enough rows done you are able to pull it down through. Just remember its made of wood, so its not always going to slide on its own like it does with plastic ones. Now to save up for my next one lol

Brooke R
A joy to work with!

Let me begin by saying I have several Cindwood looms from years back and I thought they couldn't get any better. I stand corrected! The pegs are so much better now so that was a pleasant surprise. Also, this is the nicest S loom I have ever used. Truly, it is a pleasure to use. It's hard to break away from knitting to do other things, lol. I can't recommend this loom enough! I just bought two more Cindwood looms and plan to keep adding to my collection.

G. Bledsoe

Great Loom. I've got to learn how to use it.

Lisa Maynor

This is probably the best loom that I have so far. Very well crafted, light weight, and sits perfectly on my lap. It came very quickly. I will definitely be purchasing another.