5/8" 148 pegs 48" (Full Size) Universal S Knitting Loom

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Our Universal S Loom can be used as a single or double rake afghan. Included is a movable wedge with a peg that is used in the inside groove of the loom so you can also knit round tubes in any size. Colored pegs aren't wrapped if using the figure 8 wrap on the double panel. 5/8 inch gauge has more space between each peg for easier wrapping. Universal Looms come with a knitting aid, and S-loom Wedge. 

**This gauge is ideal for one strand chunky 5 & 6 weight yarns, or 2 strands worsted weight yarn. stock. 

Loom Details: Gauge 5/8 in. spacing -148 peg, Dimensions:18"x 11" x 2"

Can make any project up to a full size afghan


Customer Reviews

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This is probably the best loom that I have so far. Very well crafted, light weight, and sits perfectly on my lap. It came very quickly. I will definitely be purchasing another.

S loom lover.

I have an one in all 3 of my favorite sizes. 5/8" is my favorite gauge hands down, I'm working an lap blanket on it now.