eBook: Any Heel, Any Toe, Any Sock, Anytime, Loom It!

  • $30.00

"Any Heel, Any Toe, Any Sock, Anytime, Loom It!!!" The book is based off of Cindwood looms when it comes to techniques. This eBook comes with video footage for everything in it! There are written instructions and formulas so that you can make all the items in the book in any size you would like. Patterns have a range of skill levels from beginner to advanced. The book includes a brief history on socks, how to size your socks, how to swatch, what looms you might like or want, how the gauging and yarns go together! There are 19 heel styles, 17 toe styles, and 13 sock styles in the book, along with several helpful tips on two at a time socks, reinforced stitch patterns, and tons more! If you have been wanting to dive into making socks, you can start now! This book has everything you need! The patterns use a variety of looms, but a great one to start with is the 3/16" Adult Xfine Medium Sock Loom. Happy looming!