eBook: Artist's Palette Shawl Collection

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Available as downloadable PDF Bring out your inner artist with The Artist’s Palette Shawl. This collection of four loom knit shawl designs was originally designed by Renee Van Hoy for the August 2013 Mystery Loom-a-long in the Loom Knitters Group. While the overall structure of the shawl is the same, each of the four palettes lets you create a very different design. You may also choose your loom size and yarn weight, to create a shawl very unique to you. Palette One: Impressionist Yarns for this palette are reminiscent of a Monet painting. Choose a soft variegated yarn with a coordinating, perhaps darker solid for this palette. Your shawl with have some basic color work striping. Palette Two: Arts and Crafts Yarns for this palette are reminiscent of a Tiffany stained glass window. Choose 4 solid colors, and a black yarn to edge them with. This shawl is bold and striking in its appearance. If possible, choose an edging yarn that is slightly heavier weight than the 4 colors. Keep the 4 colors the same weight. Palette Three: Pop Art Yarns for this shawl pop and swirl in the style of the 1960’s. Choose three solid colors, a darker, medium and lighter color. Your shawl will have some basic color work striping. Palette Four: Paint by Numbers You’re on vacation, relax and go with the flow. Choose a single yarn in a long color stripe palette for your shawl. Let the yarn do the painting for you, there is no color work in your shawl. All four of the shawls may be made on a 3/4 inch (large gauge) loom, 1/2 inch (medium gauge) loom, or 3/8 inch (small gauge) loom. You may choose lace, fingering, DK, worsted or bulky yarn. The collection includes a large print version of 50 pages, a small print paper-saver text version, and a separate file with your cover, blocking sketches, and photo gallery.