eBook: Little Scarves: Baktus and Karius for the Loom

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The simple triangle scarves known as Baktus and Karius are based on the premise that the size of the scarf is determined by the amount of yarn that you have. This e-book contains eight patterns, each written for three loom gauges: 5/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch. Sizing and yarn are also included for all yarn weights, as well as instructions for variable sizing. Your Baktus and Karius are limited only to your imagination. The e-book comes with two files. One is a large print 24 point font, and the other is a 12 point font paper-saver file. The book includes 8 patterns, as well as information on variations for your Framed Karius and a photo gallery. The files are screen reader and tablet friendly.
Framed Karius - Adding a little frame to your Karius solves some of the problem of rolling edges typical of stockinette fabrics. This version is a good option when you want to work with a yarn that may not block well, or if you prefer a Karius with a heavier yarn and dense fabric. While both the basic and framed Karius will block into a lovely, lacy fabric, using this version with a heavier weight yarn will make your Karius into a warm and cozy scarf.
Picot Edged Baktus - This fun little Baktus has a simple picot edging that gives it just a “little something” extra. Because the picots like a slightly heavier yarn to help them stand up, DK and worsted weights are recommended. If you have a lighter weight yarn you wish to use, try a few rows to see how your picots will look, and perhaps use a smaller gauge. As with the other Baktus patterns, this scarf will lay flat and lends itself to any number of yarns and color patterns.
Lace Karius - This simple lace scarf has columns of Shetland lace accenting an e-wrap knit stockinette background. The lightweight yarn gives the stockinette and lace an airy and open fabric.
Rippled Baktus - Rippled Baktus creates a dramatically ridged Baktus that looks particularly striking with long color change yarns. All yarn weights work well with this pattern, which is written for three different gauges.
Simple Karius with a Beaded Edge - Karius scarf has a beautiful simplicity from that comes from its stockinette fabric. It lends itself to all types and weights of yarn. When you want a simple scarf that lets the yarn show off, Karius is the perfect choice. This pattern for a Simple Karius has a beaded edge on the lower part of the scarf. The pattern includes instructions for how to calculate your beads, and for adding more or omitting the beads.
Simple Baktus - The Simple Baktus is perhaps the easier of the two scarf forms. Its garter stitch fabric lays flat and makes a lovely triangle with little effort. If you make this in a fingering or lace weight yarn, the fabric will be light and lacy. Even using a single strand of worsted weight yarn on a 5/8 inch gauge loom will create a lacy Baktus. Choose a heavier yarn and add tassels for a warmer Baktus. For a scarf that is both warm and light, try silk mohair, seen in the photo sample. This yarn loves to be knit loosely, allowing the halo of the yarn to fill in the openings. A small amount of yarn makes a lovely, simple Baktus.
Striped Baktus - Alternating two yarns gives the simple Baktus a lot of style. A few little tricks are used to make this easier. Yarn and gauge are entirely flexible here, but this is a fun pattern to use for combining a variegated yarn with a solid yarn.
Striped Karius - The simplicity of the Karius scarf lends itself beautifully to color striping. This pattern creates a pretty illusion with its simple striped pattern, and the colors are carried along so there are no ends to weave in.