ebook: Loom Knit Shawls - Volume 3

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April Lady This sweet little shawl has a rather unique “square back” shape. The neckline curves nicely to hug your shoulders and stay in place. The pattern is written for 64 pegs, but you may make this any size you like. The shape is particularly well suited for graduate dyed yarns that are done with matching ends – where the color repeats are 1 2 3 4 3 2 1. You may see these skeins sold for making matching pairs of socks, sometimes as two skeins, or one large skein. There is an option for adding beads to the center lace column. Loom: Any gauge loom and number of pegs may be used; sample used 64 pegs Yarn: 440 yards fingering weight wool or wool blend that will block and hold a shape; for ¾ inch gauge looms, worsted weight yarn is recommended.
Bath Cotillion
The edges of Bath Cotillion treat you two different types of lace work side by side. Together they make a striking complement to a simple garter stitch shawl. Bath Cotillion is particularly nice when two yarns are combined – one in a solid neutral color, and one in a variegated pattern. The neutral yarn helps tone down the variegated pattern, making a softer combination perfect for a romantic shawl. Loom: 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch gauge loom with 78 pegs. Yarn: 600 yards fingering weight wool, alpaca or mohair, or blend.
Cousin Kate Cousin Kate is fun little shawlette with a bit of a difference. The shaping is not the usual triangle, but a square backed shawl that hugs your shoulders, framed by a soft, romantic ruffle. Want a larger shawl? No trouble, just add yarn. Want a wider shawl? Just add rows where the pattern tells you. Have a gradient dyed yarn? This is the perfect pattern. Try a larger gauge loom, a heavier weight yarn – Cousin Kate will love it all. Loom: ½ inch gauge loom with 45 pegs (sample size) . Other looms may be substituted. Yarn: 440 yards fingering wool or wool blend for sample
Leonie This sweet crescent shawl has a border of pretty lace medallions. The pattern may look a bit overwhelming, but since the lace is the same throughout, only the shaping is changing between the sections. Pattern directions are given step by step for clarity. Once you’ve made your first medallions, it will knit up nicely for you. Loom: ½ inch gauge loom with 55 pegs Yarn: 380 yards fingering weight wool or wool blendMiss Trent This elegant wrap takes its influence from Shetland Lace designs. One of the joys of this type of lace is that you may make the pattern in yarns from lace weight to worsted. Traditional Shetland Lace is made with the lightest possible yarn. This shawl is written for fingering weight, but you may use lace and increase the loom gauge to 1/2 inch for a very light, ethereal shawl. Loom: 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch gauge with 62 pegs. Yarn: Fingering weight wool or wool blend Main color: 490 yards Accent color: 225 yardsVenetia Venetia is a large circular cape that features a beautiful panel inset in the back. The shape combines the best of a half-pi shawl with Faroese shaping. While the cape is beautiful when made in two colors, it is also easily made in just one. Loom: ½ inch gauge loom with at least 74 pegs Yarn: 980 yards worsted weight wool yarn; 740 yards for the main color and 240 yards for the contrast color