eBook: The Shapely Loom: Innovations for Loom Knitting

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Twelve step by step formulas and patterns using triangles, circles and squares to make the most of your loom, with (almost) no seams.
I. Proportioned Gauge II. Wrapping Pegs III. Seaming IV. Stitch Key V. Triangles A. Triangles Three Ways - Loom Knit Basics 1. Bottoms Up Pattern Formula 2. Tip Up Pattern Formula 3. Short Row Pattern Formula & A Kerchief Pattern B. Mostly Harmless Scarf Pattern VI. Squares A. “Un” Mitered Square Formula - Loom Knit Basics B. Two Color Square - Loom Knit Basics C. Stacked Up Squares Washcloth Pattern D. Maxed Out Squares Blanket Pattern - Three Sizes VII. Circles A. Just Go Round Pattern Formula - Loom Knit Basics B. Round and Ruffled Pattern Formula - Loom Knit Basics C. Just a Little Lace Shawl Pattern D. Encircled in Lace Pattern- Loom Knit Basics E. Sweet Floral Fantasy Shawl Pattern
The Shapely Loom is a multi-part .pdf ebook, that includes a 24 point large print text file (78 pages), a 12 point paper-saver file (24 pages), cover, 7 pages of photos, and two pages of diagrams. The files are kindle, tablet and screen reader friendly and can be made on our 1/2" 5/8" or 3/8" looms.