Loom Knit eBook: Little Scarves Too : Go Fly Kite (large print)

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Little Scarves, Too: Go Fly a Kite

Eight flexible patterns for loom knitters
The eight patterns in this collection all have the same basic underlying pennant construction, or more simply put, a long triangle shape. The patterns are all flexible. You may choose the loom size, the loom gauge, the yarn weight and the size you would like to make your scarf. Options are included to make smaller cowl sized scarves or larger shawls.

The eight patterns each have a unique stitch, ranging from simple garter stitch for easy, breezy knitting to wonderful textured stitches, slip, lace and tuck stitches.

A little scarf may be made on a large hat loom. Here are the options (peg counts) for each gauge:

¾ inch: 40, 41 or 42 pegs
5/8 inch: 48, 50, 51 or 54 pegs
½ inch: 60 or 66 pegs
3/8 inch small: 72, 80 or 82 pegs
3/8 inch fine: 90 pegs

Two full digital volumes are included. The 104 page low vision and screen reader accessible version is written in all black, 24 point Arial font. It has no italics and the directions are fully written out. In addition, special charts and chart keys have been created of the row repeats in an enlarged version for low vision users. The patterns do not rely on the charts and may be made without referring to them. The 54 page small print version is written in 12 point font and has reduced sized charts and schematics.