3/8" 108 peg 10" Hot Pad/Potholder Loom (LOOM ONLY)

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This Hot Pad/Potholder Loom has 27 pegs on each side the same as Harrisville Designs Pro Metal Hot Pad Loom and can be used with their Pro Potholder Wizard Program. It  creates a very tight weave with the pro loops that can be purchased here in either 1.5 lb bags or 5 lb bags.  You can also do single/ double strand weaving with this loom. 

This loom can also be used in the round with 108 pegs to create a large cowl, or shawl project. 

* With this loom it is best to start weaving at the 2 sides and finish in the middle. 

Comes with a weaving tool. 

Customer Reviews

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Nonie Lee
A Great Adiition to the Great Cindwood Potholder Loom Collection

This loom was made for those of us who use Harrisville patterns for weaving our potholders. I am so happy with this loom. I liked the ease of warping and weaving with this loom. This loom is just what I expected from a Cindwood loom...a well made, high quality loom.

Penny P
Weaving Hot Pad Loom

This is a great size gauge loom for weaving or working in the round loom knitting. I really enjoy weaving different designs with continuous yarn. Quality is excellent and packaged was great. No issues. Thanks CinDWood