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We had a woodworking shop recommend a new clearer glue for us to use. We just started using it and you will notice that you may receive some looms with the yellowish Titebond Woodglue we have used for 13 years and some with the new clearer white glue.  According to the woodworking shop this glue should hold stronger and should not need as much around the pegs as the other glue we used.  It also dries clearer which is less noticeable. We have been testing them here, but that is before being shipped all over the country, and sitting in cold boxes on the porch etc... so we don't know how this new glue will work once they are arriving for your projects. If you have any feedback positive or negative about the new glue please send it to us DIRECTLY by EMAIL at subject: GLUE. We would prefer this to being contacted via Facebook about it.  Thanks everyone!! HAPPY 2016

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  • The new glue is worse than the old glue. Most of the pets my oval looms are loose and need yo be refilled.

    Lan Bailey on
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    nrfgurkwde on

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