Colored Pegs

1/4"  Fine Gauge 4pc. ComboOur Exciting Color Options!!!

Make sure to choose your favorite of our colors when you are picking your loom

(once you choose your loom and see details you may then  choose both the color and gauge you want)

All our looms originally come in Tan pegs with a black starter peg.

If you would like pink, blue, purple, green, or red pegs there is a small extra charge

Here is what our colors look like:



blue looms resized


      Purple 4 pc. Adult Combo 1/2" gauge


   NEW Green Pegs


Red Looms



Colored Hat/Scarf Looms have a $2 extra charge per loom, which is  included in the price.

Colored Afghan looms have a $5 Extra charge per loom, which is included in the price.

Watch for FREE color upgrade specials  in our monthly newsletter and under our On Sale section!!

Our Small and Fine Gauge Looms Come in 4 Colors – Tan, Winter Blue, Pink and now Green.

1/4"  Fine Gauge 4pc. Combo



3/8" Adult 4pc combo

3.8 combo

 Universal Looms

Universal Looms come regularly with most the loom in tan and colored marker pegs (either blue, purple, red or green depending on what is in stock)

(these pegs are skipped when doing the figure 8 wrap).


         Universal S Loom Tan w/ Colored Marker Pegs (base price)    

If you would like the universal loom to have your choice of  mostly colored with tan marker pegs there is a $5 extra charge put into the price.


Universal S Loom Blue W/ Tan ($5 more)