ePattern Book: Hoods, Collars, and Cowls, Oh My!

  • $10.00

This eBook includes 10 patterns and has full video tutorials for all of them! It's theme is modular knitting. The Cindwood looms used for the patterns in the book are the 70 1/2" gauge oval loom and the 54 peg 1/2" gauge oval loom, which come in a come in a 2 piece set! The patterns included are the Hoodic, V Collar, Cowood, Seed Cowl, Victorian Lace Hoodic, Victorian Lace Collar, Rib and Seed Slouch Hat, Rib and Seed Collar, Faux Entrelac Hood, and the Rib and Garter Collar. With so many options this book will keep you looming for awhile!