ePattern: Jane's Shawl

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Available as a downloadable PDF This small shawl by Renee VanHoy was inspired by one worn in the 2011 “Jane Eyre” film. Three sizes are offered. Jane, Jane's little sister, and Jane's Big Sister. All three are made on a 1/2 inch gauge knitting loom with at least (33/42/55) pegs. The pattern uses garter stitch and short rows to shape the soft ruffles and the shoulders of the shawl. The shaping lets the shawl sit nicely on the shoulders, without having to be held in place. The front panels are short enough to hang straight, or just long enough to tie or wrap. In a more modern interpretation, it will fit easily over a jacket and under the jacket color. The size across the back may also be increased or decreased (see note within the pattern), but the garter stitch construction has quite a lot of ease itself. Blocking is not necessary, but a matter of preference. DK yarn is recommended, but a light weight worsted yarn or even a bulky may also be used. A 5/8 inch gauge loom may be substituted as well. Ideal for 1/2" 60 peg adult regular gauge hat loom.