Expand Your Child's Horizons with These Alternative After School-Activities

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Loom knitting with your child is a great after school activity

Expand Your Child's Horizons With These Alternative After-School Activities

by: Daniel Sherwin

As a parent, you want to provide your child with opportunities that will help them grow and develop into well-rounded individuals. While traditional after-school activities such as sports and clubs are great, there are alternative options that can expand your child's horizons and teach them new skills. Here, CinDWood Crafts presents some unique after-school activities to consider.

Learning a Language

Learning a new language can be a fun and rewarding experience for children. Language skills are not only valuable for future job opportunities, but they also promote cultural understanding and empathy. Consider enrolling your child in a language course at a community center or hiring a private tutor. Alternatively, there are also many language learning apps and online resources available that can make learning a new language feel like a game. 

Cooking Classes

Cooking is an essential life skill that can benefit children in numerous ways. Cooking classes can teach your child about healthy eating and nutrition, as well as math and science concepts such as measuring and following instructions. Look for cooking classes designed for children, or consider taking a family cooking course together.

Loom Knitting

Learning how to loom knit can be a valuable skill for your child to acquire, providing them with a creative outlet and a sense of accomplishment. Encouraging your child to take up knitting can also teach them valuable problem-solving and patience skills, as the art of knitting requires a certain level of focus and attention to detail. 

By engaging in a new hobby like loom knitting, your child can not only learn a valuable skill, but also develop important life skills that will serve them well in the future. Check out CinDWood Crafts for looms and supplies.


Starting a business may seem like a daunting task for a child, but it can be a valuable learning experience. Encourage your child to turn their creative hobby or passion into a business. This could include making and selling handmade crafts, starting a face painting business, teaching a language, or becoming a fabric textile designer. 

To get started, help your child develop a basic business plan and create business cards. Then, take them to an area with a high walk score – where there are plenty of shops and restaurants within walking distance – and teach them how to promote their business. Hand out cards and network to build their confidence and make connections.

Debate Club

Debate club is an excellent after-school activity for children who enjoy public speaking and critical thinking. Participating in debates can help children develop their research skills, improve their communication abilities, and learn how to construct persuasive arguments. Debate clubs can also teach children how to effectively navigate disagreements and conflicts.

Music and Dance Lessons

Music and dance lessons are creative pursuits that can instill a sense of discipline and self-expression in children. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument or dance can improve cognitive function and memory. Look for classes that cater to your child's interests, whether it's guitar lessons, ballet classes, or hip-hop dance.

Performing Arts

Drama club is an excellent activity for children with an interest in the performing arts. Participating in plays and musicals can help children develop their confidence, public speaking, and teamwork skills. Drama clubs can also promote empathy and emotional intelligence as children learn to portray different characters and understand their motivations.

Volunteering and Community Service

Volunteering is an excellent way for children to give back to their community while developing important social skills. Encourage your child to find a cause they are passionate about and research local volunteer opportunities. This could include volunteering at a local shelter or food bank, participating in a neighborhood cleanup event, or raising money for a charity they believe in. 

If your child is creative, have them offer to design a promotional poster for an upcoming fundraising event. Even if they don’t have experience with this kind of design, click to learn how to make a poster easily by customizing templates. It can be a great way to broaden their skills and support a cause that is important to them.

STEM Courses

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes can help children develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Look for STEM classes that cater to specific interests, such as robotics, coding, or astronomy. Many libraries and community centers offer STEM classes for children of all ages. 

Coding Classes

Coding is becoming an increasingly important skill in today's workplace. Learning to code can also teach children about logic, problem-solving, and creativity. Look for coding classes designed for children, or consider online coding courses or free coding resources.

Help Them Discover a New Passion

There are many alternative after-school activities that can expand your child's horizons and teach them valuable life skills. Encourage your child to try something new and explore their interests. Who knows — they may discover a lifelong passion that will positively impact their future.

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