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Review of the CinDwood 5/8 inch 48 peg Adult Clampable Knitting Loom

By Renee Van Hoy November 16, 2020

I recently had the pleasure of testing the wonderful new round clampable loom from CinDwood Looms. This loom is a very nice addition to CinDwood’s range of adaptable looms for knitters who have difficulty holding their looms.

cindwood clampable loom

The loom easily clamps onto a chair arm or wheelchair arm. I tested the small, easy to grip clamp and had no trouble attaching the loom to several chairs in my home as well as my wheelchair

knitting loom clamped to chair

The loom easily attached at either a 90 degree ( L shaped) angle or a 180 degree (straight) position to the chair arm. It remained stable with the smaller clamp in both positions. Just a slight loosening of the clamp allows the loom to swing out to let you to rise from your chair.

    clampable loom 90" angle

The loom easily attaches to a table, allowing you to bring your chair to the table while the loom remains in place and stable. I found the table to be the most convenient position for knitting.

Another feature in favor of this loom is the size. I love the adult hat loom for its ability to make everything from gloves to hats to cowls to shawls and baby blankets. The 5/8 inch gauge works with a variety of yarns from fingering to super bulky, making this loom a terrific addition to your loom collection.

I highly recommend the round clampable loom to anyone who needs some help holding their loom. It is versatile, adaptable, and another great loom from CinDwood!

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