Variables in projects made on looms

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Hello Loomers, I hope everyone is enjoying the end of a school season and looking forward to family reunions and vacations all summer.  You can loom in the summer too, watch for fun projects in our news letters. Over the years I occasionally have gotten emails from a client who made a hat on a loom and wrote me to say  "IT DIDN"T FIT ME! and I am very upset!" Loom knitting is only an exact science if it is being done by one person, with the exact same yarn and same stitch done everytime.  Even then it can vary a little bit. Loom knitting is a Variable sport.  It is Unique and fun and the loom sizes are averages not specifics.  We remind people that if the first hat didn't work, give it as a gift to someone, and try it again with a different yarn or a different wrap.  Make swatches, keep notes for what you each like best when looming.  Share your ideas and findings. I want to clarify again, in case some of you haven't had this explained. Adult Large looms fit most large headed men and make great cowels and shawls. Adult Regular looms fit most men and larger headed women or if you like a loose fitted hat Adult Small looms fit most women and teenager youth. MOST means NOT EVERYONE.  The universal looms with the wedges let you tweek sizes a little easier to find your best size, but if you change the yarn or the wrap your project will change a bit. Don't give up, keep experimenting, that is what is so awesome about loom knitting, You get unique and wonderful projects everytime. Thank you for those of you that love our looms. We are blessed to know you and share our looms around the world. Cindy

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